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From ani.c: ( yelp review)

Wow! Am I glad I found this place. I heard about this from a friend who bought some sort of deal, and have been frequenting Healthy Center for a few months now. About twice a month. I also referred my mom, brother, friends and boyfriend. And everyone is as amazed and happy with them as I am! 

Here the lowdown: This is not Burke Williams Spa, so don't expect that walking in, and you won't be let down. It is however, very clean, nicely decorated, comfortable and relaxing. Kathy and everyone that works there is very friendly and accommodating.

I have had a facial and diamond microdermabrasian. (I'm not really into facials, as I am blessed with great skin, ahem ;) And, I do all the same things at home. However, the 1 hour facial was very relaxing, in a nice warm and cozy bed, with a relaxing face massage and nice products. I did look extra glowy afterward. I haven't returned for more microdermabrasian, so I can't really say it didn't anything more. But, it was great at making my skin more dewy and glowy for a few days. I also got complimentary Pola products, which I love and use often.

Now, on to the massages! THEY ARE AMAZE-BALLS!!!!

I'm really into Chinese reflexology massages and had (past tense) been a regular at Health Feet Spas in SF for years..Again, these massages are Hong Kong style mass-production massages in 1 large room with multiple people being massaged at the same time on leather massage chairs ...Cheap, fast, efficient, awesome. NOT Burke Williams, not $200, fancy and overpriced, but in my opinion the massage is just as good. If not better!

H & C is SO MUCH BETTER than my usual place!! The massages are in a private room. No loud squeaking from the 20 other massage chairs, no TV, no workers chatting amongst themselves. No annoying outside noise. Just 1 hour of pure bliss! Add bliss it is!! You have a quiet, cute room all to yourself. A nice tub filled with hot Chinese herbal goodness, warm towels, classical music playing softly, and amazingly skilled masseuses. Peter is my fave.

I've had many of the hour foot reflexology, amazzzinnnnggg! $25- feet and entire body massage. As well as 1hour acupressure massage $45---amaaaaazzzzing! He really got in there and gave me an amazing deep tissue massage. I felt like a new person for days.

Andi've had the $55- special 1.5 hour massage foot 30min/body 1 hr. .. again, amazing

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!! You won't be disappointed. The price, quality and service CAN NOT be beat!

This is my one and only place for massage and facials! And trust me, I'm an elite :))


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